Combining real-world physics with wackiness, Ridiculous Catapult Simulator is a 3D physics tower defense for all ages! Defend your castle from enemy waves by using powerful combos or creating pure chaos.

Everything is ammo

Shoot everyday objects to wreak havoc on your enemies.
Make deadly piñatas rain on those coming too close to your castle.
It’s no joke, it’s a serious strategy!

Surprising combos

Get the Nobel Prize for the most absurd combo innovation. Ok, that’s not a thing—but the fun is! Shoot a battery, add a toaster, then throw a magnifying glass on it, and create a toast-cannon death machine. And what will happen if you combine a car, a lighter, and a piñata? Try it yourself! Be super creative with several objects and surprise the developers themselves.

Monsters of the year

Various types of enemies have one thing in common—they’re incredibly cool. Tired of
your typical goblins and elves? Well, here’s something for you!

Your own playstyle

Will you shoot a monster in the face with a piano or poison them with smelly stuff you wouldn’t want to touch? Create traps or make a good ol’ boom-boom? With many heroes and weapons, all significantly different from each other, you can create the perfect combination.